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An Everlasting Memory: Cremation Diamond Jewellerry

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We want to be a source of light for those facing the death of a loved one. Through a surprisingly uplifting and collaborative process, we help families and friends honor the bright moments of life. We help you turn your loved one's ashes into a diamond you can keep close. Design a cremation diamond that uniquely tells the story of your loved one and choose a color that reminds you of their eyes or represents their unique personality.

What is a cremation diamond

Cremation diamonds from ashes or hair are created with the same chemical and physical characteristics as naturally mined diamonds. They are known by a few names, including memorial diamonds and eternal diamonds. They are grown using a laboratory process that utalizes a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) machine, first purifying the cremated remains (ashes) to extract the carbon left inside. Cremated remains contain 1-4% carbon depending on the person's age, diet and other factors.

Cremation diamonds are made from carbon mined from the elements of life. To create a cremation diamond from human ashes or hair in the jewellery standard, the carbon from the cremated remains must be purified to an extremely high purity level. The hair is heat processed in a vacuum environment and the ashes are purified by hand through a refining process. The carbon content in each person's hair or ashes is different, so the process and results are unique to each order.

Natural diamonds form in underground high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environments. A high-pressure, high-temperature press is used to simulate a natural environment to convert the refined carbon from ashes into a cremation diamond. A diamond seed is prepared and placed in the bottom of the inner hub of the press. The inside of the press is heated to over 2,000°C, melting the catalyst metal. The molten metal catalyst dissolves the high purity personal carbon source, which is then transported to the small diamond seed and crystallized. A cremation diamond is born and begins to grow.

They are then polished by our skilled craftsmen. First of all, the cremation diamond undergoes analysis in which the main facets are placed on the diamond. This is done to ensure maximum weight, clarity, and the best angles for the specific diamond shape. After the initial work is done, the diamond is finished by smoothing out the main facets. This is known as polishing the diamond. After the main facets have been polished, the final facets are polished on top of the diamond.


What is cremation diamond jewellery?

Honoring your loved one through memorial diamonds allows you to celebrate the uniqueness and magnificence of your relationship. While your precious memory will live on forever, it is comforting to be able to preserve your memory in the most beautiful way.

Cremation diamonds are high quality certified cremation jewellery diamonds that are a true keepsake of a unique lifetime. Our cremation jewellery diamond guarantee to you: all cremation diamonds are individually authenticated, inspected, graded, and identified by our world-renowned, highly trained gemologists. With every certified high-quality cremation diamond, we offer an exclusive diamond warranty against any defects.

  • Rings: Giving a personalized jewel is a way of conveying a feeling or moment to a person, which they will always carry close to their hearts. In the past, the Egyptians symbolized love as a circle, that is, as a ring. This is why the rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger because of the connection it has with the heart. You can create a beautiful diamond initial ring and always wear it on your ring finger.

  • Pendants: You can always feel your loved one close to the heart.

  • Earrings: Diamonds enhance facial expressions, brightening your smile. You can feel that your loved one is always cheering you on and accompanying you.

Most of the time, diamonds come out blue, but sometimes they appear yellow, colorless, or nearly black. Traces of boron in the human body create the blue tint, but even the manufacturers aren't sure why the colors sometimes vary. Colorless is the most popular color. Cremation diamond manufacturers say that each diamond is unique and beautiful in their own way. A large quantity of ashes is not necessary, therefore it is possible to have more than one diamond made from cremated remains.

  • How much does it cost to turn ashes into cremation diamond jewellery?

    • Diamond prices vary by carat, cut, and color.

    • The price of jewellery varies depending on the design and material you choose. There are platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold materials for all kinds of jewellery collections.


Reasons to create a commemorative jewel

Emotional value: helps you feel connected.

  • A meaningful keepsake or family heirloom – it can be passed down from generation to generation. A gift has the ability to help remember a moment or an occasion, becoming a symbol.

  • Uniqueness: It is made from the ashes of your loved one/pet. We offer jewellery that can be worn by both adults and children. Pets are also often seen as members of the family. That's why we also create diamonds from beloved pets.

  • You can take it anywhere with you

How to choose the right jewel for your cremation diamond?

Choose from the LONITÉ™ cremation diamond jewellery catalog, or submit a photo of jewellery you like. LONITÉ™ provides a highly customizable service.

Get advice from professionals at LONITÉ™. In addition to our jewellery catalog, we are pleased to offer you an unforgettable tailor-made experience, involving you in every step and decision of the jewellery design process. From the sketch to the creation of computer models, we are at your side to make your fantasies come true. Our customer service team will be happy to help you calculate the cost of your personalized jewellery.

When survivors get their cremation diamond, they can use it as they would use any enchanting gem. For example, many people prefer to place the jewellery in rings, earrings or pendants, as we have already said. Some people wear their jewellery or display it in a case. Because the cremation diamond is very hard, this kind of cremation jewellery is durable and can serve as an heirloom and memory for generations to come.

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